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We can recover data from Android and iPhone smart phones and devices.
In addition, if the phone needs repair to recover data, we have you covered.

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android smart phone repair

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We work on all Apple devices.

We can recover data.

Smart phones are constantly evolving.

We’ve partnered with TechMonster.

  • iPhone Data
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  • iOS versions
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Our proprietary technology gives us an edge that none of our competition has.In fact, we offer 24-hour turnaround for both data recovery and smart phone repair.

Cracked screens often render your Apple device unusable.

After a system update is downloaded and installed data loss occurs quite frequently. For this reason, you may need help to recovery that data.

Water and fire damaged devices can often be recovered.

When your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch breaks or your contacts, photos and messages are deleted call Western Data Recovery. We can successfully recover data from your device or from an iCloud back-up.

  • Contacts: Full Contact info, including Verizon contact files.
  • Messages: The contents as well as the date sent or received.
  • Documents: Supported formats include htm, zip, doc, xls and pdf.
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp messages and attachments, specifically photos & documents.
  • Gallery: All of your photos from any gallery saved on your phone.
  • Videos: Any video file type.

Our engineers spend countless hours investigating new Android operating systems so we can quickly, and safely recover your data without risking data loss.

Professional data recovery may be your only option if you have deleted files from your device. Likewise, if the device has suffered damage such as water or a car runs over it, we can help.


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We are proud to claim the most affordable option for android data recovery – guaranteed!

At Western Data Recovery, we invest in the newest technologies. For that reason, we talk directly with the manufacturers in order to have the best understanding of these new devices.

Data recovery on newer devices and operating systems, although increasingly difficult, is a Western Data Recovery specialty.

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Techmonster has years of experience building the highest reputation for affordable and reputable service for cell phone and tablet repair.

In partnership with Techmonster, we have developed technology to recover data from damaged devices.

This partnership offers repair services nationwide.

Techmonster has an affordable solution for just about any kind of cell phone and tablet failure.

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