External Drive Data Recovery

Need Data Recovery From an External Hard Drive?

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Due to increasing capacity and decreasing cost, external hard drives are more widespread in everyday use. With the need for more and more storage, you may have multiple external hard drives at your disposal.

Unfortunately, external hard drives have a higher rate of failure. If your device has been dropped, your external hard drive is most likely clicking, grinding, beeping or failing to initialize. This is because the heads are damaged and, generally, drives in this condition need parts replaced. These types of failures fall under a Level 2 or a Level 3 Recovery as the drive normally has to be rebuilt.

Recovery Levels

We address three levels of data recovery.

Level 1: Logical Repair – Physically Healthy Drive But Has Software Corruption.

Level 2: Non-Invasive – Corrupted Drive But Not Mechanically Failed.

Level 3: Invasive – Mechanically Failed And Needs A Clean Room Recovery.


Head Failure

If you did not drop your drive and your drive is not clicking or beeping, or failing to initialize, your drive may be recovered under a Level 1 Recovery.

We recommend shutting down your device immediately if you have dropped an external hard drive and fear that you may have caused damage.

When the drive is knocked over while running, the heads often make contact with the surface of the platters. This generally causes permanent data loss to some extent.

The heads (as shown in the first picture) are very small and extremely delicate. When the heads come in contact with the platter you will often see bent or broken components which prevent your drive from reading or writing data.

Even if your heads look undamaged when we open your drive in the lab, it is still possible failed heads are the culprit. This is due to the sensitivity of the magnetic heads. Minor contact with the platters will cause micro scratches in the head surface which will quickly degrade the head stack until the point that you can no longer read or write data.

We more than likely will be able to recover your data, so it is strongly recommended to stop the running drive immediately and do not attempt Do It Yourself Techniques. The reason for this is the more the heads make contact with the platters, the more data you lose and the smaller your chance of recovery becomes.


Failed Hard Drive Heads

Scored Platters

Scored Platters

Before attempting any DIY Techniques, it is strongly recommended to contact a professional for a free recommendation. Remember, if your data is valuable, DIY Techniques are never recommended and you should Contact us, or Request a Quote immediately.