The Science Behind Flash Drive Data Recovery Services


Flash drives, MicroSD, and SD cards are becoming increasingly more common as capacity increases and costs decrease. Unfortunately flash drives are especially prone to failure. Whether the flash drive is asking to be formatted, has been broken in half, or displays “Unreadable”, your data may not be gone forever.

We specialize in physically rebuilding flash drives, and SD Cards to provide affordable flash drive data recovery services. Rebuilding your flash drive may not always be possible. For instance, if your dog chews your flash device to pieces, the only way to recover data is through the NAND memory chip on the printed circuit board. We have revolutionary and proprietary technology designed to remove these chips from their boards, and recover the data solely through the NAND memory chip. This process is lengthy and very difficult to achieve due to the complexity of the architecture of constantly evolving chips.

We work directly with manufacturers to develop the quickest and most cost effective methods of recovery on the market.