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Data Recovery Services

If it holds data, we can recover it.


Our recovery service has thousands of successes. We work on failed or damaged Hard Drives, Smart Phones, Tablets, Flash Drives, SD Cards and more!

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hard drive recovery service

Hard Drives

We offer Data Recovery for Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives.

hard drives

We also service External Hard Drives


Flash Drives

We recover both NAND and monolithic flash drives.

flash drives


SD Cards

We can recover data from NAND type SDs and monolithic MicroSD cards as well.

sd cards

raid drives recovery service

Raid Servers

We can recover and reconstruct data from Raid 0/1/2/3/4/5/6 and any combination of such.

raid servers

phone repair and data recovery service

Smart Phones

Deleted files, water damaged phone, crushed by a truck?

We also repair tablets.

smart phones

nand chip

NAND Chips

Many devices now feature NAND chips. If its intact we can recover the data.

nand chips

More than 15 years experience in data recovery service

Western Data Recovery has offered data recovery services since 2001.

  • We lead the industry in cutting edge technology that none of our competition can match.
  • Greatly expanded services as technology evolves so we can recover data from any storage device.
  • There are many data recovery options and delivery methods.

No matter the circumstance or situation, chances are we can recover your data.

Your data may be the most valuable thing you own. Sadly data loss occurs to over 30% of the United States population a year. The great news is there is a very good chance that we can recover your data from virtually any device, and any type of failure. Even if your phone or laptop has been dropped in a lake, or burned in a fire there is a chance that we can recover all your precious data.

We are proud to boast the most affordable, reputable, and dependable data recovery services in the United States.

We can recover data from any media.

  • When you need data recovery, you want to know that your data is in the hands of the best of the best.
  • We offer unmatched knowledge, service, affordability, and security, so rest assured that your device and its contents could not be in better hands.
  • Our data recovery services will not void your warranty. Inform us if you wish to retain your warranty to replace your existing device.

Recovery Levels

Level 1

 Logical Repair

 Physically healthy drive but has software corruption.

Level 2


 Corrupted drive but not mechanically failed.

Level 3


 Mechanically failed and needs a clean room recovery.


Our professionals environmentally and economically recycle electronic materials.