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Western Data Recovery Can Recover Data
From Any Storage Device

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Western Data Recovery categorizes all cases into one of three levels of recovery.

Any type of media device, such as hard drives or smartphones, may fall into any level of recovery. During the free evaluation period we will determine the cause of failure, and therefore, what category your device falls into. The level is the main contributing factor that determines the cost of the recovery.

Standard Data Recovery

Recovery will take around 3 to 7 days after you authorize the quoted recovery cost.

Work occurs during normal business hours.


Note: These lists are informational and do not include all possible data recovery problems.

Level 1 Failures

Logical Repair


  • Virus / Spyware Infections
  • Unmountable Drive
  • Unidentified Drive
  • Unrepairable drive (Mac)
  • Asking to be Formatted
  • Human Errors such as deleted files
  • Accidental format
  • Damaged, missing, or corrupt MFT / FAT tables

Level 2 Failures



  • Excessively Slow Read/Write Times
  • Bricked Firmware
  • UNC Block errors
  • LBA Mis-Match
  • Excessive SMART errors
  • Corrupt translator
  • Corrupt defect’s list
  • Missing or corrupt boot sector

Level 3 Failures



  • Constant Clicking, Scratching or Grinding
  • Head Crash
  • Fire or Heat Damage
  • No Power / Not Spinning
  • Opened Hard Drives
  • Water Damaged Devices
  • Hard drives operated on by another data recovery company
  • Dropped
  • Power Surge Damage
  • Corrupt servo labels
  • Faulty pre amp

Unique Recoveries of NAND, Flash, SSD

Recovering data from solid-state storage devices is almost always more complex than that of the traditional hard drive. While we possess an ever growing arsenal of recovery tools and processes that aid us on these types of storage devices, there’s too many variables, making estimates nearly impossible without an evaluation first. Click here if you want to read about the complexities of solid-state storage recovery.

Unique Recoveries of RAIDs

These will have the same service levels concerning turnaround times and return.
Prices will reflect the number of drives in the total setup up (NOT ONLY THE FAILED DRIVE) as all drives will need to be rebuilt to recover data.

Expedited Data Recovery

A $250 deposit is due upon Authorization. This is in addition to the failure level cost.

Recovery will take 3 to 5 business days starting from when we receive the signed Authorization (Rate Confirmation). Work occurs during normal business hours.

Emergency Data Recovery

$500 Deposit required to authorize. This is in addition to the failure level cost.

ASAP. The Emergency work starts as soon as the device arrives. We will work on the job 24/7 until the drive is recovered, or a resolution is reached.

(NO EVALUATION is completed before authorization.)

Call us for a free consultation:

(855) 806-8529

How we handle your device


  • After your device arrives, we will perform an evaluation to determine the cause of failure as well as figure out the steps needed for the recovery. This usually takes 24 hours.
  • After evaluation, we’ll present you with an estimate, and request authorization to proceed with the recovery.
  • If the job requires replacement parts, we will use what we have in house at no additional cost to you. However, if we don’t have the necessary components, an additional deposit may be required.  Note, if parts need to be ordered, it will add to the turnaround time.

Recovery Authorized

  • After you have reviewed the estimate and granted us authorization to proceed, we will start the recovery.
  • The price of the recovery will remain the same even if not all of the information was recovered, because the same amount of work must be done.
  • We will store a clone of your recovered data for a minimum of 30 days after the recovered data is returned to you.

You do not authorize recovery

  • If you decide not to continue recovery after evaluation and quote, we will ask you to pay a shipping fee of $30.
  • If you decide not to continue with the recovery and do not want the device returned to you, we will store the device for 60 days. The media will then be destroyed and we will dispose of or recycle the hardware.

If we are not able to recover your media

  • A shipping fee of $30 will need to be paid prior to returning your storage device.
  • If you do not want the device returned to you, the media will then be destroyed and we will dispose of or recycle the hardware.

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Data Recovery Testimonials

My external hard drive stopped working with over 10,000 photos from over the years. Western Data Recovery was reasonable, friendly, professional, and worked with me on pricing. They were able to give me years of memories back and I felt like I was working with family. I HIGHLY suggest working with them. I could not recommend them more highly! Thank you for all your team did!

Cara Fox

I just want to highly recommend Western Data Recovery! ... They recovered all the data my customer wanted/needed and more! The entire procedure of sending a hard drive for recovering, getting an accurate cost, paying for it and having the data returned to us was so smooth and easy to understand. Their prices are fairer than most and their customer service is tops. I want to give extra kudos to Jessica who was fantastic to work with. Although I preach "back up" to my customers, there will be more times in the future where one of them needs data recovered. Western Data Recovery will be my go-to company! Thanks!

John GrubbFlorida

Amazing, competent and caring!!! I lost my hard drive with at least 12 companies full set of quickbooks. Garrett and Melissa provided both reassurance, fast service - frequent updates...and most of all - - - my information. I am so greatful! Best Christmas present ever! In a world of is easy to feel helpless when things go wrong...I am thankful there are companies like theirs!

Diana Nottage

When I dropped my phone and broke the screen I was sure I'd never see my pictures again. I tried every place in town and every solution online. Nothing worked. Then someone recommended Western Data Recovery and I figured I had nothing to lose. 2 hours later they had recovered every file from my phone and put it on a backup drive. I was stunned. They were polite, professional, accurate in estimates for both time and cost and very fast. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to recover data from a broken device.

Kegan Rabil

Western Data Recovery, specifically Evan Alcantara, did such an amazing job with restoring my data which was compromised due to water damage. My mini storage drive with the last 10 plus years of my life on it (including photos of relatives who are no longer with us, and important business documents) took a swim, but Evan and his team sent me an over night shipping label and my drive was at their facility and being assessed by the next morning. It was pretty damaged, but they were able to dry it out and transfer my files to another device, and made my year! The pricing was also reasonable. If you need help with data recovery, this is the place!

Cassi Clampitt

I recommend Western Data Recovery without hesitation. When I called WDR, I was stressed, scared of what this was going to cost - and felt bad because I had put my husband and our little business in a bad situation. I worked with account manager Evan, who was soothing, efficient - and just plain nice. He let me move through the process at my own pace, and once I authorized the data recovery, he got it done really fast. I enthusiastically recommend this company.

Merrie Morris

Recently I brought in an SD card to Western Data Recovery that had been terribly corrupted. The card was from a camera used for the Defenders of Wildlife Wolverine Watch project. The card contained pictures of wolverine that are critical data to this project. The engineers were able to save almost all of the corrupted pictures and we now have some amazing data to add to this project! A huge Thank You goes out to the engineers and staff - they gave us a very fair price for their services, they were very professional and courteous and the turnaround time was quick. I'll definitely utilize their services for future recovery issues. Thanks again!

Geoff FitzGerald

Amazing that the service Western Data Recovery is giving is faster and more customer oriented than the ones I contacted in the Netherlands and Germany, that would take many days or weeks with unclear outcome! Although it took 2 days for the shipment to the US, the analyse was done within a day and a good report was send with clear pictures of the problem and the data directory with still available data. This gave great confidence that they good do the job and restore my data.
Also the logistic support on how to ship it from Europe, details on the arrival and further steps were clear and done in a very customer friendly way.

Jaap HeukelomEurope

Western Data Recovery helped me from start to finish when I lost 10 years of pictures and documents on a computer that crashed. I was able to get all my data back and they allowed me to work out a payment plan, without which, I would not have been able to afford to get my precious memories back. I would highly recommend this business!

Emily Griffin

Everything went very smoothly and Evan Alcantara was awesome to deal with! Very helpful and personable! He made everything very easy and was very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Plus a great sense of humor! It was a little more expensive than I had thought but in the end the data was worth it. All in all great experience with Western Data Recovery. A+.


I HIGHLY recommend these guys they were absolutely amazing to deal with. I had an old gaming system they fixed and they kept me up to date every step of the way every little detail and answered any questions I had. They were by far one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Thank you Guys for all your work. Their prices are very fair and their team doesn't waste time to make more money.

Randy NilsenMontana

My company is located in Charlotte, and we have been doing business with Western Data Recovery for about a year now. Needless to say, they do some professional work. Every time I send a customer over there with damaged hard drives, they are prompt with the response, up front and honest with all their work.

Sean David HolleranNorth Carolina

Thought my iPhone 6 was completely done for after dropping it in water in September. Took it in 6 months later and it was fixed within 20 minutes! Thank you Garrett from Western data recovery! You rock!

Mariah DavisMontana

Award Winning Customer Service and Support

In this technology-driven world access to your data in the form of pictures, documents, videos, and music is more crucial than ever. When something goes wrong and your data is lost, Western Data Recovery (WDR) can quickly and affordably recover your files and get you back on track. If you have a standard HDD hard drive, SSD, smartphone, flash drive, SD Card, Micro SD, NAS device or RAID, we can help.

ISO4 Class 10 Clean Rooms

Western Data Recovery engineers have been successfully recovering data from a multitude of storage devices for over 15 years. Supported by the top engineers and recovery specialists in the world who stay up-to-date on new technology, you can’t go wrong with WDR. We will provide you an affordable, stress free option for data recovery.

HIPPA Compliant

Personal or business, the loss of data is both a psychological and emotional ride and we understand this. As you can see in these testimonies , customer care and satisfaction are a primary focus with every data recovery project we receive. We’ve created a strategic pricing structure that allows us to keep our recovery costs both unique to every case, and affordable for any client.


The first step to every successful data recovery project is an evaluation.

Once the cause of data loss and failures have been identified, we will create a strategy for recovery and get to work. From the moment you make the decision to call us and start your recovery, until the day your new hard drive arrives at your doorstep loaded with your recovered data, you will be confident in your choice to use Western Data Recovery.

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