The Science Behind Forensic Data Recovery

There are certain persons, characters, parties that use computers and electronic media for mysterious purposes. This often involves the intention of an ulterior motive, including scamming, theft of intellectual property, stealing money, engaging in extramarital relations, human trafficking and various criminal offenses. These people do remove data on their machine to disguise their methods by erasing everything or reformatting the hard drive. The common response is to contact your local computer shop who reports that all is lost. Without a doubt your computer guy likely has very little knowledge of forensics analysis of data or in depth recovery of deleted files. He or she has most likely has little or no experience in this realm making their advice dubious at best for recommendations for how to proceed and move forward.

Finding Evidence On a Computer, Device or Other Media

The truth is THE EVIDENCE IS STILL THERE, waiting to be found. Often times the steps an individual uses to cloak his activities is inadequate to destroy evidence of his wrong doing! The main question is do you need it or not and should a Private Investigator be included in this task? In the art of recovering information comes the recognition that files deleted by quick methods or even a quick format of the drive does not completely annihilate the data. Private investigators who used unconventional means to gather evidence for peculiar cases soon turned to technology to advance there means of data collection. A portion of Private Investigators who concentrated around these crafts even invented their own gadgets and tools through the ages then eventually became more involved in recovering data from computers and they burned practically endless hours working here. We at WDR are confident to have access to private investigators, and forensic analysts, who can get the evidence you need off of a machine that has been cleaned. The benefit of working with WDR is that like any other task we take as authorized private investigators, our relationship is 100% private. We recoup the machine evidence that few others could and we do so in a lawful manner and ensured examination, keeping your undertakings private.

Forensic Data Recovery

Forenics is the art and application of sciences for the purpose of answering questions for a legal system or in the legal realm.

Forensic Data Recovery or ( Evidence Recovery ) is the art and science of recovering information from a computer, cell phone, or any electronic media that has been deleted, damaged, hidden or lost. A degree of intrepidity and sleuthing is required to discovery the necessary data for a case.

The key element in every forensics case is time and the greatest factor is patience. Users may unintentionally destroy evidence simply by continuing to complete their daily tasks. This is the quest for answers in a case of many questions that often involves a mystery.

Our specialists will efficiently and cost-effectively collect and mine data or evidence that may have been deleted or become inaccessible through normal computing methods. Our specialists can search out hidden information, where stuff is hidden and unknown possibilities of what the evidence tells us, and if evidence has been fabricated or tampered with.

When the appropriate media is recovered, an accurate audit trail commences. The media is logged both in our data-base and produced manually. This record, suitable for all legal proceedings, accompanies the media throughout the recovery process. This is otherwise known as a chain of custody. WDR will then ensure the continuity of evidence by adding the investigator’s name, signature, date and a detailed description of what was done throughout the recovery process.

At this stage of the process, Federal Rules of Evidence apply, a chain of custody needs to be obtained. Our company’s expertise in magnetic media storage devices begins to play a crucial role. First – the media is replicated exactly through a bit-by-bit acquisition process, ensuring the integrity of the subject media is intact, and evidence preserved. Our specialists then work only with duplicate copies ensuring that no contamination of the original data takes place.

What Evidence Recovery is possible with Forensic Data Recovery?

  • Recovery of deleted computer files
  • Recovered data even after a hard drive has been reformatted or repartitioned
  • In many cases encrypted files can be decrypted
  • Discovery of web sites that have been visited
  • Examination of what files have been downloaded
  • Examination of when files were last accessed of when files were deleted
  • Discovery of attempts to conceal or destroy evidence
  • Discovery of attempts to fabricate evidence
  • Discovery of hidden text that was removed from the final printed version of a document
  • Discovery of hidden photos, documents, programs revealing illicit activities
  • Discovery of email messages and attachments even if previously deleted

Data Recovery

We are one of a mere handful of companies worldwide that specialize in the restoration and retrieval of computer data. Our specialists can recover data from virtually any medium including:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Compact Disks, DVDs
  • MicroSD, phone cards, special media cards
  • Flash Drives
  • Portable Storage Devices
  • All Manner of Digital Camera Storage Cards
  • RAID Sets | Servers
  • SSD, hybrid drives
  • Smart Phones, Tablets
  • Digital phone systems(VOIP), answering machines, various recording media

Financial Record Recovery

We provide:

  • Analysis of Computers and Data in Criminal Investigations
  • Onsite Seizure of Computer Data in Criminal Investigations
  • Analysis of Computers and Data in Civil Litigation
  • Onsite seizure of Computer Data in Civil Litigation
  • Analysis of Company Computers to Determine Employee Activity
  • Assistance in Preparing Electronic Discovery Requests
  • Reporting in a Comprehensive and Readily Understandable Manner
  • Computer Forensics on Both PC and Mac Platforms

We provide service for law firms, corporations, Provincial, State and Federal Agencies.

Please note that Evidence Recovery is considered Forensic Data Recovery

Before you do ANYTHING, call us. We can help. Losing mission critical data can be terrifying. The data recovery process should not be.

Our free estimates and “No data, no charge” policy ensure that you are protected from surprises at all times.