The Science Behind Flash Drive Data Recovery Services

Flash drives, MicroSD, and SD cards are becoming increasingly more common as capacity increases and costs decrease. Unfortunately flash drives arSolid State Drive Data Recoverye overly prone to failure. Whether the flash drive is asking to be formatted, has been broken in half, or displays “Unreadable” chances are your data is not gone forever. Together we partner with eProvided to specialize in physically rebuilding flash drives, and SD Cards to provide affordable flash drive data recovery services. Rebuilding your flash drive is may not always be possible. A situation may arise, such as your dog chewing your flash device to pieces, that the only way to recover data is through the NAND memory chip on the printed circuit board. We have revolutionary and proprietary technology designed to remove these chips from their boards, and recover the data solely through the NAND memory chip. This process is lengthy and very difficult to achieve due to the complexity of the architecture of ever evolving chips. We work directly with manufacturers to develop the quickest and most cost effective methods of recovery on the market. Now Western Data Recovery is proud to partner with eProvided. The decision was made to partner with the best in flash recovery so that customers of Western Data Recovery will always be provided with the best services for their individual needs.

Do it yourself flash drive data recovery

Do It Yourself data recovery is never recommended by Western Data Recovery. However we understand not everybody has the funds for a professional data recovery company. Below we outline some of the easier tasks to accomplish on your own. We are more than happy to provide free advice, and recommendations should you be unfamiliar with anything shown below.

Weak Solder Joints

In some situations solder joints are very weak in flash devices. In about 10% of cases all that needs to happen is to strengthen those joints. You may use a hot air gun on the joints, and apply gentlepressure with tweezers to try and re-seat the loose chip. You may also apply gentle pressure on both sides with the case removed and insert the device into your computer. If your device now recognizes, hold that pressure and retrieve your data. You must be very careful with this process as to much pressure could crack the NAND memory chip and destroy your chances of data recovery.

Broken USB Connector

If the USB connector was broken off the USB Flash drive you can recover the data by repairing the trace using a conductive pen. (as shown by recovermyflashdrive)

  1. Use a set of tweezers to place whats left of the trace on its original path
  2. Expose the copper at the end of the broken trace by scraping off the sealant with an XACTO knife
  3. Use a conductive solder pen (available online or at radio shack) and carefully recreate the broken trace.
  4. Let the paste dry, then use a needle or XACTO knife to scrape off any excess.
  5. Make sure the trace is repaired by doing a continuity test with a multi-meter from the pad to the end of the trace.
  6. Quickly solder the old USB connector back on the board. The paste left by the pen won’t hold up to heat for very long, don’t spend too much time trying to make the joint perfect.
  7. CAREFULLY connect the flash drive to your computer, the connection is VERY weak and easily broken. I recommend connecting the drive to a USB extension cable for easier insertion.

Broken USB Connector

If your issue is not outlined above, please call at (855) 806-8529 us or visit our pricing page for pricing information.